About Virtual Realities and Virtual Reality Tours.

A Virtual Reality (VR) is a spherical image. You are standing in the centre of the sphere and you move the image around you to look about.

A Virtual Reality Tour is simply a group of Virtual Realities linked together.

You navigate by dragging the image around or by using the controls or, by keyboard shortcuts.

For the best experience I recommend that you view Virtual Realities full screen by clicking on the fullscreen button at the bottom of the VR.

Each VR is made by stitching several photographs seamlessly together.
About this website.

This website has been created to show some of my Virtual Realities and Tours.

© - Every Virtual Reality was made by and belongs to me so, please do not take my work. I don’t mind someone using it on their own computer but, it may not be published in any manner whatsoever without my consent.


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